Ellsworth Airport

The City of Ellsworth is fortunate to have a well-developed airport facility which supports a number of locally based aircraft. The airport is owned, operated, and maintained by the City. Additional funding is received by Ellsworth County. Day to day operations are the responsibility of City staff.

Located on the north edge of the City, the airport has a primary north-south asphalt runway 4,329 feet in length, with a crosswind turf surface runway which is 2,225 feet in length. There is a short 380 foot connecting taxiway. The primary runway has turnarounds at each end.

Airfield lighting includes identification, runway/taxiway, and approach. Available electronic navigation aids include a VOR facility, a non-directional beacon, a GPS, and Loran-C. Presently, the Ellsworth Municipal Airport does not have published instrument approaches.

Terminal area facilities include an apron for aircraft parking, a pilot's lounge, aircraft storage hangars, and automobile parking. Aviation fuel is available, as well as courtesy car for transportation around town.

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Phone: (785) 472-5608